Professional Summary

I am a mechanical engineer and research scientist with a background in thermal sciences
and energy conversion. I have research and development experience with 3D printers,
automotive engines, medical devices, consumer products, and global health technology.

Rev. 2 prototype in Uganda field trial.
Early rev. 3 prototype


I design parts and electromechanical systems. SolidWorks expert.


I have written tools and applications in Python, C/C++, Matlab and LabView. Experience in TI and Atmel embedded.

Data manager

I know how to organize, analyze and process experimental and simulation data.


I design, build and commission prototypes with rapid prototyping and conventional machining.


Fluent in English, strong French, conversational Mandarin. Have worked in France, Uganda, the US and Canada.


I have recruited, built and managed interdisciplinary teams in academia and industry.

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